Beef sausage recipes

Sausage and chorizo goulash

Sausage and chorizo goulash

By Simon Rimmer

Sausages range in size from thumb-sized cocktail sausages, to finger-thin chipolatas to the thicker banger. More or less any part of the cow can end up in a sausage. Top-quality sausages will contain the finest quality beef minced with little other than seasoning and a pinch of spice. Cheap bangers on the other hand may have a long list of ingredients, natural and artificial, and may contain very little actual meat. Sausages are traditionally encased in pig or ox intestines, but synthetic skins are also now used. They may contain extra flavourings such as horseradish or mustard.

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Buyer's guide

Read the list of ingredients before buying so you know what you're getting. Also look for the country of origin (be aware that many sausages may contain meat from anywhere outside the UK).

Article by Louisa Carter

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