Candied peel recipes

Candied peel

Sweet, firm and slightly grainy in texture, candied peel is thick fruit peel preserved in sugar.

Buyer's guide

Buy good-quality candied peel from France, Italy, Spain or Portugal that has not been dyed with artificial colours.


Candied peel will keep well and retain its colour for several months, if it is stored in a cool place away from heat or direct sunlight.


Candied peel is commercially prepared by briefly blanching the peel and submerging it in increasingly concentrated sugar syrup. This process is carried out over several days, until the sugar has replaced the moisture in the fruit. The peel is then dried in gentle heat and either covered with caster sugar (‘crystallised’) or coated in concentrated sugar syrup (‘glazed’). Candied peel is used in baking, confectionery, ice creams, desserts, cakes and mince pies, especially at Christmas.

Article by Sejal Sukhadwala

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