Mike Robinson

Mike Robinson

Mike has always been an outdoors man, and it was during a stint as a dishwasher in Chamonix, where he was spending the mountaineering season, that he was spotted and asked to present a programme called Chalet Slaves.

This led to more presenting work, all filmed at his Berkshire pub-restaurant, The Pot Kiln. After investigating the damage signal crayfish cause to the river environment for one of these programmes, Mike set up a crayfish farm that supplies many of London's top restaurants.

Mike's first book, Wild Flavours, was published in October 2005. He also runs cookery demonstrations and makes regular appearances on Saturday Kitchen. Mike remains an active restaurateur and, as befits a lover of the outdoors, he shoots all of the venison served at his Michelin-starred London gastropub, The Harwood Arms, himself.

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