Fruit brandy recipes

Sherry trifle

Sherry trifle

By Antony Worrall Thompson

A drink made by macerating crushed fruits (or fruit concentrate) in grape spirit, and then sweetening it. Fruit ‘brandies’ are not true brandies, although they are of decent quality and are versatile cocktail ingredients.

Cherry ‘brandy’ is the most common drink in this group, but there are also apricot, peach, cranberry and melon-flavoured ‘brandies’ (and others).

Fruit ‘brandies’ should not be confused with fruit eaux de vie, such as cherry-based Kirsch, or fruit-flavoured liqueurs.

Recipes using fruit brandy

Cakes and baking

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Buyer's guide

Fruit ‘brandies’ are widely available, from two main producers.


Store away from direct sunlight. These drinks keep quite well once opened, but the flavour may begin to deteriorate after several months.


Fruit-flavoured ‘brandies’ can be used in a variety of cakes, steamed puddings and desserts, as a flavouring or as a topping.

Article by Susan Low

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