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Green tea is heat-treated by steam to prevent the leaves from fermenting. After picking, the leaves are withered (an initial drying stage), then heat-treated, dried and packed. Green tea is delicate and pale, preserving some of the flavour and aroma of the fresh leaves. It is never drunk with milk or lemon.

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Varieties of green tea include:

Jasmine tea – a pale, floral green China tea mixed with dried, night-blooming jasmine flowers. It’s widely served in Chinese restaurants to be drunk with the food.

Gunpowder – a Chinese green tea with a dry, quite sharp flavour, so-called because the leaves curl up into ‘gunpowder balls’ and unfurl when hot water is added.

Formosa Oolong – a pale-golden aromatic tea that’s a cross between green and black tea. It’s best drunk without milk, sugar or lemon.

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