Brill recipes

A superior firm-textured, sweet-tasting flatfish closely associated with turbot. Brill has smooth, dark-brown skin with intense white speckling, and as with other flatfish, its underside is creamy-white. However stocks of brill are limited due to overfishing and it is best to substitute them in recipes with farmed turbot or flounder, which are more sustainable.

Buyer's guide

Brill is available both whole and in fillets, usually fresh. The best time to buy brill is from June to February.


Brill is usually gutted upon landing. Cook brill as you would a halibut, sole or turbot: to cook it whole, trim away the fins, head and blood-line, then grill, bake or roast. Fillets of brill are usually sold skinned; pin bones are also removed during filleting. The firmness and sweet flavour of brill make it excellent for pan-frying or grilling and serving with butter, lemon, capers and delicate herbs.

Article by CJ Jackson

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