Michael Smith

Michael Smith

Michael has genuine enthusiasm for working with fresh, Scottish ingredients of the very best quality.

Michael was born and bred in Inverness. He wasn’t really interested in school, and was looking for any avenue to get out of education. He started a part-time job at a restaurant in the Glen Morrison Hotel pot washing, and realized he enjoyed the camaraderie of the kitchen.

After an early experiences in various restaurants, Michael was head-hunted by Andrew Radford who was about to open the Blue Bar & Restaurant in Glasgow’s Lighthouse Centre. Michael moved on to be head chef at Stefan King’s newest ventures, Arta at the Old Cheese Market in Glasgow’s Merchant City and, also, Gong in the West End. He designed and developed both kitchens and the menu concepts of each restaurant.

In 2005, Michael was interviewed and appointed head chef by Shirley Spear at The Three Chimney’s in Skye, which has held 3 AA Rosettes for over a decade.

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