Clementine recipes


Small, round and orange, clementines are thin-skinned with firm yet juicy sweet segments. They are thought to be a hybrid of a tangerine and a sweet orange and have a high sucrose content.

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Clementines are at their best from November to February.


Clementines are so sweet that they need no added sugar. Instead cut away their pith and peel and slice or segment into sweet or savoury salads. adding lime juice, chicory and pomegranate seeds to the latter.

Use freshly squeezed clementine juice in place of a sugar syrup for sweet salads. It also makes a lovely jelly or drink. Kirsch or Cointreau taste good with clementines, as do pineapple and mango. Finely grate their zest and use in mousses, sweet butters and cakes.

Article by Sybil Kapoor

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