Elderberries recipes

Elderberries are not commercially grown but can easily be found growing in the wild. Pick the heads of the berries and be sure to wash and cook them thoroughly before using - raw elderberries contain a poisonous alkaloid but become harmless when cooked.


Simmer your elderberries to make cordial or syrup, then shake with ice and vodka to make cocktails. Match the syrup with stewed blackberries and stir into fools or mousses, or ripple it into ice cream batter instead of the traditional raspberry syrup. Alternatively, add elderberries to fruit pies such as apple pie or steamed sponges such as plum sponge. Elderberries can also be stewed down and served on the side of roast meats such as duck, pork or game. Alternatively, make elderberry wine and use it to deglaze your roasting tin for a rich, fruity gravy.

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