Gnocchi with sage butter

Plain and simple, but totally delicious. The addition of sage gives a lovely flavour, but children may prefer just butter as sage can be a little overpowering. This is designed to be a low cost recipe.

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For the gnocchi

For the sauce


  1. Place the unpeeled potatoes in a saucepan with lots of cold water, bring to the boil and cook until the potatoes are tender, but not falling apart. Drain, allow to cool slightly, then remove the skins. While the flesh is still warm, mash the potatoes and set aside to cool. Place in a large bowl, season with salt, stir in the egg, add the flour and mix to form a dough (you may need to use your hands).

  2. On a clean work surface, sprinkle a little extra flour and roll out the dough into four long sausage-shapes, each approximately 30x3cm/12x1¼in. With a sharp knife, cut each sausage shape into 2cm/¾in pieces, and set aside.

  3. Place a large saucepan of slightly salted water on the heat to boil. Drop the gnocchi into the pan of boiling water and simmer until they rise to the top.

  4. In the meantime, place a large frying pan on the heat and melt the butter with the sage leaves. As the gnocchi come to the surface, lift them out with a slotted spoon and add to the butter sauce along with a little cooking water. Gently fry for a minute, making sure all the gnocchi are coated in the butter sauce, and then serve immediately.

Recipe Tips

In May 2013 this recipe was costed at £2.65 at Asda, £2.80 at Tesco and £2.95 at Sainsbury’s. This recipe is designed to be made in conjunction with a
low-cost store-cupboard.