Homemade linguine with mushrooms

Equipment and preparation: You'll need a pasta machine if you're making your own linguine.

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For the pasta dough (makes about six servings)

  • 7 free-range eggs
  • 250g/9 oz '00' flour, plus extra for dusting (available in most supermarkets and in Italian speciality stores)
  • 250g/9 oz fine semolina (available in most supermarkets and in Italian speciality stores)

For the sauce


  1. If you're making your own pasta dough, crack the eggs into a clean bowl (if using ready-made fresh linguine, go to Step 10). Place the '00' flour in a separate large clean bowl. Add the semolina and mix together with your hands. Make a hollow 'well' in the centre of the flour.

  2. Lightly beat the eggs and pour the egg mixture into the centre of the flour. Mix well with a wooden spoon until the eggs are incorporated into the flour.

  3. Once the eggs are incorporated, turn the dough out onto a clean, floured work surface. Knead the dough until it's smooth and elastic, about 10-15 minutes. When you've finished kneading, wrap the dough in cling film and place it in the fridge to rest for at least half an hour.

  4. To make the linguine, weigh out about 300g/11oz of the pasta dough (you can store the remaining pasta dough in the fridge for up three days or in the freezer for up to three months). Lightly flour a clean work surface and work the rested dough into a rough rectangle shape with your fingers.

  5. Flour the pasta machine. Starting at the lowest (thickest) setting, feed the dough through the machine, turning the handle with one hand and holding the dough as it comes through the machine with the other. Change the setting on the pasta machine to the next-thickest setting, flour it again and feed the pasta sheet through the machine again, as before.

  6. Repeat this process 3-4 more times, flouring the machine and changing the setting down each time.

  7. At one point, you'll need to cut the pasta sheet in half lengthwise or it will become too long to handle. The pasta should be quite thin, but still easy to handle without tearing. Don't be tempted to skip settings or the dough may tear.

  8. Once the pasta sheets have reached the ideal thickness, trim the edges slightly. Attach the cutting attachment to the pasta machine, flouring it well.

  9. Run the sheets of dough through the machine once again, cutting them into linguine. Dust the linguine well with flour and place on a plate. Chill in the fridge while you make the sauce.

  10. For the sauce, prepare the mushrooms by tearing them into strips along the gills with your fingers.

  11. Heat one tablespoon of the olive oil in a non-stick frying pan. Add the torn mushrooms and brown lightly. Peel and finely chop the garlic clove and add to the pan with the mushrooms, being careful not to let it burn. When cooked, transfer the mushrooms and garlic to a bowl.

  12. Chop the chilli in half. Remove the seeds and membrane if you prefer less heat. Chop finely and add to the bowl with the cooked mushrooms. Tear the parsley leaves from the stems. Add the leaves to the bowl. Tear the basil leaves from the stems and add the leaves to the bowl.

  13. Using a vegetable peeler, shave the parmesan into slivers and add to the bowl, along with four tablespoons of olive oil and the butter. Season, to taste, with salt and freshly ground black pepper.

  14. Meanwhile, bring a large pot of salted water to the boil. Set a large metal sieve on top of the pot, with its bottom sitting in the boiling water. Remove the prepared linguine from the fridge (or ready-made fresh linguine from its packet) and loosen it carefully with your fingers, to separate the strands.

  15. Place the linguine in the sieve, in the boiling water. Cook for 2-3 minutes until just tender, stirring occasionally with a fork to prevent the linguine from sticking.

  16. Using the sieve, remove the pasta from the boiling water and drain carefully, shaking off the excess water. Add the hot linguine to the bowl with the sauce ingredients and mix together gently.

  17. Serve immediately.

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