How to fillet cooked fish

Cooking fish on the bone gives more it more flavour and removing the fillets is very straightforward.

- Place the fish on its side.

- Make cut behind the head that goes down to the spine. Make a similar cut before the tail. (There's no need to cut the head and tail off completely.)

- Make a horizontal cut into the side of the fish, following the line of the spine from head to tail. This should separate the side of the fish into two portions, top and bottom.

- Use your knife slide the top fillet up and off the bones.

- Push the bottom fillet downwards off the bones.

- Make a cut through the spine near the tail then lift the spine and smaller bones out all in one piece. This will let you cut away the fillets from the other side of the fish.

Skill level


Equipment you will need for this technique

  • Knife and fork

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