Removing the meat from cooked lobster

You can find meat in most parts of the lobster, so be sure to pick it thoroughly.

-Twist off the legs at the base. Twist the legs from the claws.

-Hit the side of the lobster claw carefully but firmly with the heel of a sharp, heavy knife, keeping your fingers well away from the knife blade. When the blade is embedded in the claw, twist the knife until the claw cracks. (If this does not happen first time round, repeat the process, hitting the claw in a different place.)

-Wiggle the small pincer and carefully pull it away from the claw to reveal the meat. Remove the meat from the remaining claw in one piece.

-Twist the legs at the joint. Crack the shell using the blade of the knife, remove the shell, then ease out the meat.

-Fully extend the lobster body. Look for a cross below the head and push the blade of the knife firmly into the lobster at this point. Lever the knife to cut along the back of the lobster, then open it out. Ease the meat out of the body of the lobster in one piece.

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Lobster with spaghetti Lobster with spaghetti

By Mitch Tonks

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Equipment you will need for this technique

  • Lobster picker (or the handle end of a fork or spoon)
  • Sharp, heavy knife

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