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A leavened batter baked between two hot irons marked with indentations, producing a crisp plain cake or flatbread with deep ridges on each side and a soft aerated interior. Usually served with butter, syrup or other sweet or savoury toppings. Typical ingredients include wheat flour, water, milk, salt, sugar and egg.

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Frozen waffles are easy to use as they can be placed in the toaster and simply reheated.


Waffles are best frozen in an airtight container. Do not refreeze frozen waffles that have been defrosted.


When making homemade waffles, it’s important not to over-enrich the batter with too much fat, sugar or egg as the waffles can colour too quickly and turn soft soon after baking. Use plain flour rather than bread flour to help produce a light and crisp result and keep egg, sugar and cream to a minimum. The toppings used will accentuate the sweet or savoury characteristics of the waffle.

Article by Dan Lepard

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