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Apple crumble cocktail

Apple crumble cocktail

By Wayne Collins

Whisky liqueurs are based on Scotch whisky, and flavoured with honey and a variety of herbs and other botanicals. Whisky liqueurs have been made in Scotland for a long time, probably as long as whisky has been distilled there. Drambuie is probably the best-known brand; others include Glayva, Stag’s Breath, Lochan Ora (and there are others).

There are also some cream liqueurs that use Scotch whisky as a base, including Columba Cream.

(Non-cream) whisky liqueurs are notable for their spiced sweetness and, usually, an aroma of heather honey, citrus and dried spices.

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Whisky liqueurs are available through drinks specialists and online.


Whisky liqueurs can be drunk over ice or neat as digestifs and are often used in cocktails – the Rusty Nail is the best known. They can also be used in sweet recipes, such as trifle, or to flavour the likes of Christmas cakes and fruitcakes.

Each whisky liqueur is made to its own recipe and varies in flavour profile and sweetness level. Generally, however, one can be substituted for another in cocktail and dessert recipes.

Article by Susan Low

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