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Rhubarb fool

Rhubarb fool

By Antony Worrall Thompson

Cream, with its smooth velvety richness, is the ultimate indulgence food. It is the basis or the crowning glory of innumerable desserts, from panna cotta to cream cakes, and adds richness and depth to creamy stews and pasta dishes.

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Buyer's guide

Cream is universally available in supermarkets, but the taste of farm shop-sourced cream is vastly superlative.


Creams with higher fat contents, such as double cream, are more 'stable', which makes them easier to whip and less likely to curdle added to hot dishes.

Other considerations

If you're dairy-intolerant, bear in mind that soya cream is a good substitute for single cream - it will whip fairly well if well chilled.

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