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English mustard

English mustard powder is a dry table and cooking condiment made from ground mustard, turmeric and wheat flour. It is a speciality of England and rarely seen elsewhere. It has a bright yellow colour, and a strong, sharp flavour that is somewhat bitter and pungent rather than hot. It is usually produced from yellow mustard seeds, but some brands use a mixture of yellow and black seeds. English mustard is also available ready-prepared and bottled; it is more vinegary in taste than English mustard powder.

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Buyer's guide

English mustard powder and prepared English mustard is available in cans from most UK supermarkets.


Keep in a dry place. The powder is ideal for travelling with or taking on camping trips.


Mix the powder with cold water to the desired consistency before use. Serve with cooked charcuterie, or add to sauces, casseroles, vinaigrettes and mayonnaise. Alternatively, rub prepared mustard powder over rabbit, fish, chicken, pork or beef before cooking. Use this preparation in recipes where the sharpness of the vinegar in bottled mustard would ruin the flavour balance of the finished dish.

Article by Sejal Sukhadwala

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