This piccalilli is quick in that the vegetables remain crunchy by being added to the pickling liquid at the end (you do need to factor in 24 hours salting though!).

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  1. Break or cut up the veg and fruit, peel and deseed if necessary. Rinse under a tap and place in a colander set over a bowl. Sprinkle with salt and leave, covered, for 24 hours in a dark place.

  2. Bring the vinegar and sugar to the boil in a preserving pan.

  3. Crush the turmeric, ginger, mustard seeds, cumin seeds and coriander seeds in a pestle and mortar. Add the cornflour and mustard powder and a little of the heated vinegar and mix to form a paste.

  4. Add the paste to the simmering vinegar and continue to cook for five minutes. Add all the vegetables and fruit and put in sterilised jars.

Recipe Tips

Store this chutney in the fridge and eat within a week.

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