Catfish recipes

A freshwater fish with sweet, meaty, white flesh. Whole catfish have a slim, tapering body and cat-like whiskers. Several species of catfish are sold around the world, the most notable being pangasius (also known as basa or river cobbler).

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Catfish is sold live, fresh, frozen, whole, or in skinned and boneless fillets. It’s available year round. Catfish is a farmed fish that’s easy and inexpensive to produce.


Whole catfish require filleting, but once prepared, the fillets are easy to cook with, and just require pin-boning. Catfish is popular in many countries, but particularly in the Southern USA, where it is coated in cornmeal, pan-fried and served with cornmeal fritters in an iconic dish called Hush Puppies.

Article by CJ Jackson

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