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Ling is a member of the cod group. It has a long, tapered body, marbled brown and white skin and a silver belly. The meat is white and textured, with a sweet flavour. Ling is a popular fish for salting. Ling is a fish at risk from overfishing. If you cannot find certified sustainable sources, it is best substituted in recipes with other white fish such as pollack or coley.

Buyer's guide

Ling is most often seen as fillets, but it is sometimes sold whole or cut into steaks. It’s available both fresh and frozen, as well as dried and salted.


Usually available as fillets, ling requires its skin and pin bones removing either before or after cooking. In Ireland it’s popular salted and served with mashed potatoes. It also works well in fish pies, soups and stews.

Article by CJ Jackson

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