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Fish and chips

Fish and chips

By Jo' Pratt

Cod is a key member of a whole family of fish including haddock, coley, pollack, whiting, ling and hake. All the related fish in this group are sea fish of varying sizes and share similar characteristics such as low-fat white flesh. Our love of eating cod has meant that stocks have suffered greatly from over-fishing. Some stocks of Atlantic cod from Iceland, the North East Arctic and Eastern Baltic are considered sustainable, as well as Pacific cod caught in Alaskan waters via longline. To help reserve cod stocks, we’re encouraged to eat a greater range of white fish, such as the sustainable pollack, pouting (bib) or coley. And if you do eat cod, ensure it is clearly labelled as coming from a properly managed, sustainable fishery (ie. with the MSC blue tick).

Buyer's guide

Most often sold as fillets and loins, cod is also available whole and headless, cold-smoked, dried or salted.


Fresh cod is incredibly versatile. Skin or pin-bone fillets either before or after cooking. The flaky flesh flesh works well poached, baked, fried or grilled and it also complements rich sauces. Cod is the most popular fish for fish and chips, but is also excellent in fishcakes, fish pies, tempura and chowder.

Article by CJ Jackson

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