Flying fish recipes

A delicate-tasting silver fish with a subtle texture. Their name comes from the way the fish move, propelling themselves several metres above the surface of the water with their long fins. Flying fish swim in schools in tropical waters and are often caught by artisanal fishermen who drive them into nets above the surface of the water.

Buyer's guide

Flying fish are available all year round. They are usually sold whole, and occasionally fresh but more often frozen. They’re also sold dried.


These fish are usually sold whole and just require cleaning. They are small and neat and best simply pan-fried. Flying fish are considered a delicacy in Barbados where they are the main ingredient in Cou-cou. The roe, which is golden-yellow in colour, is also well-liked – in Japan, flying fish roe or ‘tobiko’ is coloured green with wasabi and used as a garnish for sushi.

Article by CJ Jackson

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