Sat Bains

Sat Bains

Sat, who comes from a Punjabi family, was born in Derby and moved to Nottingham when he was 21. After passing his City and Guilds qualification, Sat became part of the team helping to open the first of Raymond Blanc's brasseries, Le Petit Blanc.

A spell at L'Escargot in London followed, as well as a stint as head chef back in Nottingham. Sat won the Roux Scholarship in 1999, which gave him the chance to work at the three Michelin-starred Restaurant Le Jardin des Sens in the south of France. On his return he secured the position of head chef at the Hotel des Clos in Nottingham, which was renamed Restaurant Sat Bains at Hotel des Clos in November 2002. In 2003, Restaurant Sat Bains with Rooms was awarded the city's first ever Michelin star.

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