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One of Britain’s oldest cheeses, Cheshire is a hard-pressed, cows’ milk cheese with a relatively dry texture and a mild, tangy character that’s made in large drums using vegetarian rennet. Young Cheshire is white and crumbly with a milky, clean flavour. The flavour develops as the cheese ages and it also becomes firmer in texture, and darker in colour.

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Cheshire is now made worldwide, but the best examples come from around the county that gave the cheese its name. Blue and red Cheshires (the latter coloured with annatto but otherwise the same as white Cheshire) are also produced, although in much smaller quantities.

The finest Cheshires, made using traditional methods, will be clothbound, and produced in the Chester region from the milk of cows grazed on the salty pastures of the area.

Article by Felicity Cloake

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