Daikon recipes


A long white crunchy vegetable from the radish family, daikon is similar in appearance to fresh horseradish but packs a lighter peppery punch similar to watercress. Unlike other radishes, it is as good cooked as it is raw. It is also known as mooli.

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Daikon is sometimes available in larger supermarkets, but you’re more likely to find it in Asian or Caribbean food shops.


In Japan, daikon is frequently pickled and served as a crunchy accompaniment to rice at mealtimes. It's great chopped into salads or made into crudités to serve with your favourite dip. It can be cooked too - try steaming it on its own, grate it over Japanese-style fish or add it to stir-fries. In Chinese and Japanese cookery daikon is used for vegetable carving as well as cooking.

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