Grapefruit recipes


Grapefruit is a large, thick skinned, juicy citrus fruit that can be white- pink- or ruby-fleshed. Some varieties are seedless and pink grapefruit tend to be sweeter than white ones . All grapefruit have bitter pith and skin. A ‘Sweetie’ looks like a grapefruit, but is actually a grapefruit-pomelo hybrid and has much sweeter flesh.


Grapefruit make excellent marmalade. Their pithy skin is also good candied, if blanched several times in fresh water, then simmered in sugar syrup. Otherwise, cut away the thick bitter pith and skin from grapefruit segments before cutting the segments out of their fibrous casing. Prepared in this way, grapefruit tastes good in sweet and savoury salads. Fresh coriander, chilli, other citrus fruit, shellfish and salad leaves all favour grapefruit in savoury dishes. Freshly squeezed grapefruit juice also makes refreshing sorbets, jellies, mousses and syllabubs.

Article by Sybil Kapoor

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