Ham recipes

Baked ham

Baked ham

By Valentine Warner

Christmas isn’t complete without a proper homemade ham and any leftovers make the most amazing sandwiches. For the rest of the year, we’ve got plenty of quick and easy ham recipes.

Buyer's guide

The finest ham is generally cooked on the bone and hand carved. Various factors influence the flavour and texture of ham including the cut and curing process chosen, whether the meat has been dry-salted or cured in brine (and for how long), whether it has been air-dried or smoked, and the smoking medium (hickory, juniper or oak, for example). The breed and quality of the pig will also affect the flavour.

Cooked hams are sold ready to eat, usually in slices. Traditional varieties include Wiltshire ham and York ham. Processed pork with added water and other preservatives and flavouring is also sold as ham, as are other meats, such as turkey, which is sold as 'turkey ham.'

Article by Louisa Carter

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