Prosciutto recipes

Prosciutto means ‘ham’ in Italian and is a term particularly used to describe ham that has been seasoned, cured and air-dried. ‘Prosciutto cotto’ is cooked and ‘Prosciutto crudo’ is raw although, because it has been salt-cured, it is ready to eat.

Buyer's guide

Prosciutto is sold in most UK supermarkets pre-sliced and vacuum-packed. If you buy it from a deli it is more likely they will have a whole leg of prosciutto from which they will cut fresh slices, whatever thickness you need.


It is most famously eaten as a starter with melon or figs or with a selection of other cold hams, meats and cheeses. It can be used in cooked dishes, but only add it at the end of cooking - otherwise it will go tough.

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