Mangosteen recipes


Mangosteen is a pretty, mandarine-sized, purple-skinned fruit with a thick velvety stalk. Its waxy skin is very thick: inside lie 5-7, juicy white segments. The fruit segments have a soft, melting texture and delicious fragrant flavour and occasionally contain seeds.


Store mangosteen in the fridge for a few days.


To release the fruit, cut a circle into the thick skin around the stalk and calyx, and lift it off like a lid. This will reveal the segments of pearly flesh within, which can then be removed.

Mangosteen has such a delicious floral taste that it is usually served very simply.

Add mangosteen juice to a citrus jelly or granita or serve the fruit segments in a fresh fruit salad. Lemongrass syrup, camomile and lemon juice all work well with mangosteen. Thai cooks also use mangosteen juice in various savoury dishes to add a sweet note. They heat it through at the last minute.

Article by Sybil Kapoor

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