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Sharon fruit is the trade name of a variety of persimmon grown in Israel. It is shaped like a tomato with thin, orange skin, a green stalk and orange flesh. It is a ‘non-astringent’ variety of persimmon but still has a tannic taste.

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Choose fruit that feels supple when gently pressed.


Unlike ‘astringent’ varieties of persimmon, that need to ripen until really soft, Sharon fruit can be eaten while firm, skin, seeds and all. It does not improve with cooking.

Prepare simply by slicing and mixing it into either savoury or sweet salads. In savoury salads, season with lemon or lime juice and serve with bitter salad leaves, sweet shellfish such prawns or lobster; herbs such as chilli, coriander or mint, or Feta cheese. In sweet salads, mix Sharon fruit with other exotic fruits and drizzle over a cinnamon and lemon sugar syrup.

Article by Sybil Kapoor

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