Easter recipes and menus

  1. Mary Berry's hot cross buns Mary Berry's hot cross buns

    Hot cross buns, traditionally eaten on Good Friday, are steeped in superstition. Sharing one of these sticky, fruity treats is meant to cement friendships, which is as good an excuse as any to bake a batch.

    Recipes for hot cross buns

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  2. Homemade chocolate Easter eggs Homemade chocolate Easter eggs

    Forget big plastic boxes and cheap chocolate - make your own homemade Easter eggs for maximum taste (and fun!).

    Recipes for confectionery

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  3. simnel cake Symbolic Simnel cake

    Simnel cake has been eaten since medieval times. A rich fruit cake topped with eleven marzipan balls that represent the eleven loyal apostles of Christ, it makes for a historic and symbolic mouthful.

    Recipes for simnel cake

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  4. Easter baking recipes Easter baking

    From a traditional Simnel cake and hot cross buns to super easy recipes for easter egg nests, BBC Food has Easter baking covered!

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  5. Delectable and doable traditional Easter dinner Easter at Delia’s

    Delia’s family feast is a real show-stopper. After the juicy pork loin encased in sizzling crackling and the bright flavours of the four-tier lemon drizzle gâteau, your brood will never believe it was all such a doddle.

    Recipes include

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We've got Easter entertaining covered with our traditional Easter lunch and laid-back seasonal feasts. Delve into our Easter baking collection, full of recipes such as simnel cake, hot cross buns and other tasty treats.

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