Learning to chop: the 'julienne' technique

'Julienne' is the French name for a method of cutting vegetables into thin strips.

-Trim both ends of the peeled carrot. Cut it into two pieces.

-Slice a small piece from one side of the carrot to create a flat surface. Place the carrot flat onto the chopping board, then trim another flat surface on one side of it.

-Hold the carrot at each end with your thumb and little finger. Place your remaining three fingers flush against the flat edge of the carrot so that your fingernails act as a buffer against the blade.

-Carefully cut a fine slice from the edge of the carrot, letting the knife gently graze your fingernails on the way down. Inch your fingernails back as you draw up the knife, then slice again, grazing your fingernails with the blade as before.

-Continue chopping until all of the carrot has been cut into fine slices, then pile the slices on top of each other.

-Repeat the slicing process as before to create long, thin strips of carrot that resemble fine matchsticks.

Recipes using this technique

Main course

Light meals & snacks

Starters & nibbles

Side dishes


Cakes and baking

Drinks and cocktails


Skill level


Equipment you will need for this technique

  • Sharp knife
  • Chopping board