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Sultanas are large green grapes that have been dried to a rich golden-brown. They’re usually larger than raisins or currants and are among the most popular dried sweet fruit due to their size, succulence and sweetness.

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Store sealed in a cool, dark place.


Sultanas can be used in the same way as raisins and currants. They also have an affinity with nuts.

Add sultanas to savoury sauces or stuffings for game and fowl – try guinea fowl with Marsala sultana sauce, or quail stuffed with wild rice, pinenuts and sultanas.

Organic ones, like organic raisins and currants, absorb more liquid than non-organic, so are perfect for dishes where the fruit the fruit is macerated, such as rum fruit cake or Christmas pudding. If making bread or sweet buns, soak your chosen dried fruit in water, tea, fruit juice or alcohol for an hour or two before baking to prevent it from absorbing the moisture from the dough.

Article by Sybil Kapoor

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