Flour tortilla recipes

A smooth thin pliable flatbread, baked on a hotplate, typically used in South American cookery. The dough should be quite simple; little more than flour, salt and water. Fat is sometimes added to help keep the dough pliable. Typical ingredients include wheat flour, water, salt, fat and occasionally a small amount of leavening such as baking powder.

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Although flour tortillas are very easy to make at home, a few long-life brands are sold in UK supermarkets. In the southern states of the USA and in South America, tortillas are readily available fresh from a large number of bakeries.


Flour tortillas are best frozen in an airtight container.


After baking flour tortillas need to be kept covered to stop them drying out. Before using tortilla in a dish, place it onto a hot dry frying pan and warm for 10-20 seconds on each side; this will return its softness and flexibility, though it will then need to be served immediately.

Article by Dan Lepard

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