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Brown sugar

This is a term generically applied to light brown, dark brown, demerara, and soft brown sugars. They should not be used interchangeably in recipes, as they will give differing results. However, what all brown sugars have in common is that they are normally unrefined, retain their nutrients and varying degrees of molasses, and range from pale golden to dark brown in colour. They have medium-sized grains, and are made from sugar cane or sugar beet. Inferior brown sugar is made by partial refining, or by adding a little molasses, caramel or colour to white sugar.

Recipes using brown sugar

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Light meals & snacks


Starters & nibbles

Side dishes


Cakes and baking

Drinks and cocktails


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Buyer's guide

Look out for ‘natural brown sugar’ from good-quality brands, which will have more molasses and minerals and will not have been artificially treated. Demerara sugar from Guyana is the most distinctive.


Store in a cool, dry cupboard away from sunlight, heat or moisture.


Use brown sugar in coffee, cakes, biscuits and flapjacks.

Article by Sejal Sukhadwala

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