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Normally refined white sugar, with medium-sized grains (measuring 0.5mm), this is the most common form of sugar. It is the everyday sugar of Europe and North America, to be used when a recipe does not specify another type. Granulated sugar is obtained from sugar cane or sugar beet. It is produced by allowing raw sugar to crystallise, treating it with chemicals, filtering it several times, and then drying it to prevent it from clumping.

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Granulated sugar is also available in coarse-grained (called sugar nibs or nibbed sugar) and fine, sieved varieties. A light-golden, raw form of granulated sugar that is only lightly processed is also available and gives a more complex and rounded flavour to dishes.


Keep in a cool, dry cupboard away from heat or moisture to ensure that the grains remain separated.


Use granulated sugar in hot drinks, cereals, baking, jams and marmalades. Sift before use to remove any clumps.

Article by Sejal Sukhadwala

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