Barbecue sauce recipes

BBQ sauce

BBQ sauce

By James Martin

Barbecue sauce is a liquid condiment made from tomato purée, mustard, vinegar, brown sugar and spices. It is usually thick with a dark red colour, but there are several regional variations in the USA and around the world that contain fruit, alcohol, mayonnaise, lime juice, soy sauce or yoghurt.

Buyer's guide

Buy according to how you plan to use the sauce. A tomato-based barbecue sauce is a good all-purpose sauce, vinegar-based sauces are ideal for marinating meat, and those with a mustard base are perfect with beef or pork.


Store in the refrigerator. Use within four weeks of opening.


Barbecue sauces are used for brushing the surface of the meat before grilling, added to the pan at the end of cooking, or served at the table for dipping or topping food. Do not heat the sauce for too long, as it may separate or burn.

Article by Sejal Sukhadwala

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