How to assemble a tiered wedding cake

How to assemble a wedding cake using dowelling rods and polystyrene cake spacers or cake pillars.

It’s best to assemble the cake at the venue, the morning before the event.

-Place the largest cake onto a cake drum or cake stand and tie with ribbon, if using.

-Dowelling rods are used to provide stability to a cake so that you can stack several layers on top of each other. Place a cake disc into the middle of the cake and mark four points around the edge with a knife. Push a dowelling rod into the cake at one of the points and mark where it reaches the top of the cake.

- Cut the rod and three others to the same length and insert them into the cake at each of the four points.

-You can then stack the cakes directly on top of each other, or use a polystyrene cake pillar.

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Simple two-tiered wedding cake Simple two-tiered wedding cake

By Dan Lepard

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Equipment you will need for this technique

  • Dowelling rods
  • Cake spacers or pillars
  • Cake drum or cake stand
  • Ribbon and decorations

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