How to ice cupcakes with poured fondant

Liquid fondant icing is a runny version of the rolled icing used to cover fruitcakes.

Brush domed cupcakes with warmed apricot jam which has been sieved to remove any lumps.

It’s important to cool completely so the cakes are sealed and ready to be iced.

For a smooth shiny finish, begin with icing that has an even runny consistency. Before dipping, knock the bowl of icing several times against the work surface to get rid of any air bubbles.

Hold the cupcake upside down and dip it into the icing. Lift the cake up and shake it firmly in a tight circular motion to remove any excess icing. Stir the fondant in the bowl between each dip so it stays smooth and liquid.

Allow each cake to form a crust before dipping for a second coat. Two thin layers will be more even than a one thick layer.

Leave the cupcakes to set to a glossy finish before serving.

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