Covering a pie with a pastry lid

Use strips of pastry trimmings to make an extra edge on the pie dish before covering the pie with the lid. This will give the finished pie a professional look.

-Roll out the pastry lid so that it's larger in diameter than the pie dish.

-Trim strips from the pastry the width of the rim of the dish. Brush the rim of the pie dish with a little water, then cover the whole rim of the dish with the strips of pastry.

-Brush the pastry rim with water.

-Using a rolling pin, gently roll the remaining pastry around the rolling pin and lift it from the work surface. Unroll the pastry lid over the pie.

-Trim away the excess pastry then press down the edges of the lid to seal the pastry trimmings to the lid.

-Use the tip of a sharp knife to create a steam hole in the centre of the pie.

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Chicken and leek pie Chicken and leek pie

By Lesley Waters

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  • Rolling pin
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